Alpin Frontal

Innovative design façades from mountain larch for stability and durability.

Dimensionally stable and modern

The façades from Austrian mountain larch, specially produced for exteriors, are especially dimensionally stable and durable. The glued façade timber, which can be produced in various sizes and dimensions, is distinguished by its clear simplicity of form.

Alpin Frontal design façades

The innovative design façade has been specially conceived for architecturally challenging projects. Due to the custom dimensions that are possible, the aesthetics have no limits. The special gluing of the façade timber ensures dimensional stability and durability.

Due to the slow growth of the mountain larch, the façade timber is particularly stable and therefore withstands the toughest of conditions.

Alpin Frontal


Alpin Frontal is especially well suited to challenging projects in terms of form and design. The special gluing of the façade timber ensures dimensional stability and durability.


Finger joint lengths
Finger joints help create a material free of knots and other defects.


Total length
The total length of 6 m greatly reduces the amount of offcuts.


The innovative and specially glued façade timber can be custom-produced are therefore ideal for demanding architectural projects.


The Alpin Frontal façade boards are quick and simple to fit. Specially designed tools for easy assembly make things that little bit less stressful.

Proven sustainability.

Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment. At Graggaber we guarantee the following: The PEFC certificate on our products guarantees that the timber we use comes from sustainably managed forests, where for every tree that is cut down another one is planted.

But that’s not all: Instead of using rare tropical wood, for many years now (4 generations, in fact) we have focused on local larch. To preserve resources, our waste products (wood waste) are used to operate our dry kilns, produce panels and paper and as garden mulch. We promote the philosophy of short transport distances and cascading use.

By choosing Graggaber mountain larch you are choosing the environment and nature.


The unique charm and especially high quality of our mountain larch is used all over the world. Whether it's on the Bermuda islands or up in the high mountains – the exceptional properties of our larch façades and terraces are suitable for any terrain.

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