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Sawn Products

The mountain larch wood for our products comes exclusively from high-lying locations in Austria.

Sawn wood


The mountain larch wood for our sawn timber products is solely drawn from higher altitudes in Austria. It is particularly popular due to its extremely fine fibres caused by extremely slow growth (approx. 350 years) possible in harsh alpine conditions. The narrow year rings and closure of pits in the sap conductors make the mountain larch resistant to decay. This is a quality not even the flatland larch can match. 

During the natural growth process of a tree, core materials are stored in the wood. Our employees recognise good heartwood formation, and thus suitability for use with earth contact, by the dark-red colour of the wood.

Squared timber
Poles and Posts
Boards and panels

Round-cut timber

For generations now we have sourced our timber for round-cut products from sustainably cultivated Austrian mountain larch forests. This guarantees timber with extraordinarily fine fibres due to the extremely slow growth permitted by the tough alpine climate and conditions.

Graggaber Mountain Larch is one of the most robust and weather-resistant types of wood around.

Foundation piles

Planed timber

The trend towards environmental awareness in building methodology has led to an increased use of larch wood for external surfaces. The list of benefits is virtually endless.

Our larch wood

  • is an energy-saving form of insulation

  • It is frost, hail and weather resistant

  • does not require preliminary chemical treatment or care

  • provides excellent heat insulation

  • regulates room humidity

  • offers numerous finish and design options

  • absorbs and dampens vibrations

  • has an extremely low intrinsic radiation value

  • is capable of blocking earth radiation and watercourse radiation

  • protects the environment in many ways

  • ...and it is simply great!

Profiled boards
Standard Floors
Standard Facades

Wood fuel and offcuts

The wood fuel and offcuts produced when processing over 50,000 m³ of Austrian mountain larch are sorted according to requirements. Ask us for more details.