The alpine larch

Touch wood.

The Austrian mountain larch from Graggaber brings the charm of wood to outdoor areas and stands for naturalness, quality and style. Our products consist of PEFC-certified rift and quarter-sawn larch wood – this results in almost no chipping, significantly greater stability and longer durability.

Szena – Terrace floors and facades
Multi – Terrace floors and facades
Alpin Frontal – Facades
Standard – Terrassen und Fassaden

Terrace flooring made from mountain larch from our Szena series.

Natural is best .

Since our foundation by our great-grandfather Christian Graggaber, preserving the resources of the region has been at the core of our activities. Environmentally-friendly processing is therefore close to our hearts. For us this means developing sustainable, future-proof techniques for processing the resources in our region.



Our products exhibit greatly reduced splintering and chipping due to rift and quarter sawn processing. The vertical growth rings practically eliminate the all-too-familiar problem of cupping and ensure there is less warping and twisting than with conventional boards with horizontal growth rings.



We only use mountain larch from neighbouring woods and forests. We process this fine wood extremely carefully, which keeps the human and environmental impact to an absolute minimum.


The wood protection we apply makes it weather-resistant even without surface treatment. This spares you additional laborious treatments. Low-viscosity systems (oils, dispersions, thin-layer stains) are also well absorbed by the system.

Alpin Frontal

Glued wood façades are more durable and a visual highlight.

Our history.

This is the fourth generation of our family to run the sawmill. Our great-grandfather set the first milestone in 1935 with the first electrified sawmill in the Lungau region. In the decades that followed, our business was steadily expanded. Today, we process approx. 50,000 solid cubic metres of Austrian mountain larch with around 40 staff at two locations. Consequently, we not only create new jobs, but also increase value creation in the region and preserve domestic resources for future generations.

Graggaber Geschichte

Large, larger, multi – for terraces or façades.

More than a sawmill.

We want to be more. A flexible service provider at the highest technical level. A wood supplier with the greatest customer focus. Fast, dynamic and perfect. Our regular customers value us above all for our expertise when it comes to wood processing. We get the best out of mountain larch, in every special dimension and with expert know-how. From the core to the bark. In all lengths, raw or planed, as square timber or masts, as window scantlings or mini glulam beams. Touch wood.

Villa, Italien
Eggerwirt, Sankt Michael
Residential and office building, Tamsweg


Whether it's for your larch facade or your larch terrace, we'll be happy to help and advise you and look forward to answering your questions. Send us a question directly and we will be happy to advise you!