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The alpine larch

Mountain larch is particularly captivating due to its extraordinary fine grain, resulting from the slow growth of approx. 350 years in the harsh mountain climate. This closeness of the annual rings, together with the heartwood formation, is responsible for the rot resistance of mountain larch. In this respect it is peerless – even compared to lowland larch.


Why Austrian alpine larch?

  • Regional extraction of raw materials and short transport distances
  • Sustainable, controlled forestry in collaboration with private forestry businesses, forest cooperatives, small-scale forest owners, Austrian Federal Forests, etc.
  • Increases value creation in the region and creating permanent jobs
  • Strengthens local forestry while protecting nature

The mountain larch comes exclusively from high-lying mountain regions in Austria.


The outer light-yellow sapwood area is narrow in the larch and is only a few centimetres. The heartwood is characterised by a reddish-brown colour. The dark growth rings in larch wood are very clearly demarcated from the lighter growth layers. Over the years, the mountain larch develops a silver-grey patina.


Larch is one of the heaviest and hardest native softwoods and has very good strength properties. It is even tougher and more resinous than pine, dimensionally stable and warps only minimally. Larch can be used outdoors for many years without treatment with wood preservatives.


Mountain larch is used both for exteriors and interiors. The wood being easy to work with coupled with our many years of experience leave almost nothing to be desired in terms of processing, therefore making it ideally suited for high-quality and sustainable construction projects.

Life-cycle assessment

For exterior use, mountain larch is considered the perfect sustainable alternative to tropical wood, as larch has similar properties. Compared to tropical woods, mountain larch has a much better life-cycle assessment (LCA) because there are no long transport routes and mountain larch grows up in untouched indigenous nature.

Holds its value

Due to the naturally limited availability of mountain larch, it is in particularly high demand and therefore very stable in value. This augments the quality and value of your construction project, and it will be coveted in the future, too.

Proven sustainability.

Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment. At Graggaber we guarantee the following: The PEFC certificate on our products guarantees that the timber we use comes from sustainably managed forests, where for every tree that is cut down another one is planted.

But that’s not all: Instead of using rare tropical wood, for many years now (4 generations, in fact) we have focused on local larch. To preserve resources, our waste products (wood waste) are used to operate our dry kilns, produce panels and paper and as garden mulch. We promote the philosophy of short transport distances and cascading use.

By choosing Graggaber mountain larch you are choosing the environment and nature.