MULTI terrace flooring and façades made of PEFC-certified larch wood in rift and quarter rift.

Stability and reliability

With Szena Multi, a façade board made of purely indigenous mountain larch is available to you. The façades and terraces are available in the standard dimensions 18x280 and 24x280 mm; the length – untrimmed with excess length – being 6 m in each case. From a purely visual perspective, the board structure appears to be edge-glued, but the bonding is made with finger-jointed lamellae, as in the case of a glulam beam.

Multi terraces

Multi is an edge-glued terrace board made from PEFC-certified Austrian mountain larch. Due to its slow growth, the wood is especially durable and dimensionally stable. The boards are MUF-bonded, finger-jointed, rift/quarter-sawn (with vertical growth rings) and splinter-free on the visible side.

Through rift and quarter sawn processing, it provides significantly improved stability with almost no splintering or chipping, as frequently occurs in products with horizontal growth rings.


28 x 145 mm


6 m (additional lengths upon request) offcut lengths also


Smooth on 3 sides with 2 chamfers on the visible side; levelled on the rear side

Overlay distance / joint spacing

40–50 cm, depending on the intended use

Min. 7 mm or 6% of the board width


Visible screwed joints or invisible using a fastening system (e.g. GleitFix /SIHGA)

Multi façades

Whether it be façades, panels, partitions, sunscreens or handrails – the flexible application areas and its indisputable stability always makes Multi the best choice. Thanks to structural wood protection, the boards are optimally weather-resistant even without surface treatment.

MULTI products show a reduced rate of splintering and chipping thanks to being rift and quarter sawn. The otherwise frequent warping is practically ruled out thanks to vertical annular rings.


18 x 280 mm

24 x 280 mm


6 m

6 m


24 x 280 mm

Proven sustainability.

Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment. At Graggaber we guarantee the following: The PEFC certificate on our products guarantees that the timber we use comes from sustainably managed forests, where for every tree that is cut down another one is planted.

But that’s not all: Instead of using rare tropical wood, for many years now (4 generations, in fact) we have focused on local larch. To preserve resources, our waste products (wood waste) are used to operate our dry kilns, produce panels and paper and as garden mulch. We promote the philosophy of short transport distances and cascading use.

By choosing Graggaber mountain larch you are choosing the environment and nature.


The unique charm and especially high quality of our mountain larch is used all over the world. Whether it's on the Bermuda islands or up in the high mountains – the exceptional properties of our larch façades and terraces are suitable for any terrain.

Apartment building, Tamsweg
Garage, Golling
Residential and office building, Tamsweg